Why Escape Rooms Are Great For Team Bonding

Team bonding is crucial when it comes to boosting productivity and motivation in any workplace. The overall success of an organization is heavily dependent on employees communicating and working together efficiently to solve problems and achieve organizational goals and objectives. While there are many team bonding activities, very few actually achieve the desired results. Many companies are struggling to find team bonding activities that are fun, inexpensive, and actually help employees learn valuable and practical lessons that they can apply at the workplace.

If you are facing the same issue, it might be time for your organization to consider arranging an escape room game for your next team bonding session. Escape rooms have been found to be highly effective in boosting communication and building a unified team that can work efficiently towards achieving company goals.

An escape room is an activity whereby the participants are locked in a room or a series of room and have to figure out how to escape the room within 60 minutes by solving various puzzles. This requires the participants to work together while applying creative thinking and problem-solving skills to find a solution in a limited time period.

Here are some of the reasons why escape rooms are excellent for team bonding:

  1. Helps to boost communication
    Escape rooms require the participants to bring their heads together in an attempt to solve a wide range of puzzles in order to escape. Successfully working through the problem at hand requires proper communication with one another. Employees will feel motivated to share their knowledge and contribute towards solving the problem. The communication skills that your team learns through the escape room experience will eventually start to reflect at the workplace.
  2. Helps to identify strengths and weaknesses
    When faced with a problem, people tend to use different approaches to try and resolve it. An escape room activity gives you the perfect opportunity to study your team members and discover how well they handle a conflict. You have to keep in mind that solving the puzzles requires a lot of mental and emotional strength. By unique the unique strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues, your staff members will be able to work more efficiently together and you, as a manager, will be able to better assign tasks to your employees.
  3. Helps to build team-based problem-solving skills
    At times, work can become incredibly repetitive and unchallenging, especially if you’ve been doing the same job for many years. The lack of new challenges can significantly limit one’s problem-solving skills. Escape rooms present employees with a unique challenge that pushes them to think more critically and run ideas and potential solutions by each other in a bid to solve the puzzles and escape. This way, when they are faced with a new kind of challenge at the workplace, they will be able to use the same approach to solve the problem.
  4. Nurtures high-pressure decision making
    As stated earlier, escape room participants only have 60 minutes to solve the wide range of puzzles and escape. This means that the employees will need to think quickly on their feet. When handling certain projects and tasks, there will be instances where your team will be faced with hard decisions that will need to be made in limited timeframes. Escape rooms offer the perfect venue for them to hone their high-pressure decision-making skills.
  5. Escape rooms are fun
    The best and most effective team bonding activities happen in a fun and out-of-work setting and escape rooms provide just that. Solving the puzzles is a fun and exciting way to get to know your colleagues better and work together with them towards achieving the same goal. There is a highly satisfying feeling that comes with successfully completing this challenge. Your employees will want to recreate this experience at the workplace. As a result, if they weren’t close before, they will start working more closely together yearning to solve more challenges with the people they participated in the escape room games with. The presence of fun in escape rooms helps make working together more exciting and memorable.

So, there you have, some of the great benefits of escape rooms as a team bonding activity. By introducing escape rooms to your team bonding activities, you will see a significant improvement in employee morale and comradeship.