Why are Escape Rooms a Fun Game for Families?

Your kids tell you that there’s an Escape Room in the next block and you should go with them. You have no idea how it’s going to be even though your kids have given you a brief description. Well, escape rooms aren’t like the typical video games that you come across in arcades. Instead, it’s a real-life adventure game in which you need to use your brain and instinct to escape a room by finding different clues.

Mysteries and Puzzles

Are escape rooms good family fun? Of course, they are. You work together as a team to get out of the room. It’s a unique experience where everyone has to be attentive to find out the clues and put them together to unlock doors. The clever designs of these rooms make the game even more thrilling.

You will be surprised to know that there are more than 2800 escape rooms around the world. This shows how popular they are. Each room has a unique design and most of them look like a set from one of the Hollywood movies. In this case, you can become a part of the story.

Before you enter the room, you and your family will need to read a story about the room. For example, if you choose a horror theme, you will get a ghost story. On the other hand, if you choose a sci-fi theme, there will be another relevant story. Make sure everyone reads the story properly because sometimes, there are hints in it about where you can find the clues. Once you enter the room, you need to search every nook and corner to find the first clue that would lead to the second one.

Remember, this isn’t as easy as you think. Your coming out of the room depends on how quickly everyone finds out the clues in the right order. It’s best if you plan and allocate different parts of the room to different family members. If you find the first clue quickly, it can lead you to the second one soon.

Everyone in the family gets used to a routine life. The kids have to attend school every day while you and your partner have to work to make ends meet. Sometimes, this routine life may become too monotonous. You may not find enough time to spend with your family. Escape rooms can be a good way to spend some quality time with everyone.

This game is different from the mind-bending crossword puzzles or Sudoku. In escape rooms, you have to think from a different perspective. Sometimes, a riddle may seem too easy to figure out, but when you hit the answer you find out that it’s incorrect. As a result, you have to rethink and come up with a different answer.

Moreover, the team activity increases your family bonding. You have to rely on each other to find clues. No one is left idle in the escape room. Everyone has to remain on their toes to know what they have to do next. According to many psychologists, families that engage in various bonding activities have better communication. You can maintain that by visiting the nearest escape room in your city.

If you think going to a picnic and playing football with your kids isn’t your cup of tea, then you can take them to an escape room. You can decide the difficulty level depending on their age.

FAQ about escape rooms

Q: Will my 10-year-old kid enjoy in an escape room?

A: Yes, if he loves mysteries and clever games. Escape rooms come in different difficulty levels. If you are going with your ten-year-old, you can select the easy option. On the other hand, if your kid is in high school, you can choose a more difficult mode.

Q: How long do we have to stay inside the room?

A: Escape room games usually last for 60 minutes. But if you manage to solve all the puzzles and mysteries, you can get out early.

Q: Are escape rooms scary?

A: It depends on what theme you choose. Expect to be scared if you choose a ghost or horror theme. Other than that, escape rooms aren’t that scary.

Now that you have enough information about escape rooms and why they are popular, come on in to Epic Escape Rooms with your family and have a fantastic time. Contact us today!