What Is An Escape Room? Everything You Need To Know

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. However, a lot of people still don’t know much about them. If you’re wondering what is an escape room, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss what an escape room is, what to expect when doing one, frequently asked questions and how to go about reserving an escape room.

What Is An Escape Room?

An escape room is an adventure game, but you play it in real-life. Generally speaking, the game lasts for an average of an hour. The goal is to escape the room, which you do by solving a series of problems and puzzles. You win if you solve everything before the time is up, but you lose if you fail to “escape” the room before the timer is up.

What To Expect With Escape Rooms?

First, your experience starts with choosing a themed escape room. WE have one called Blood and one called Jilted.

Second step is to meet the guide. They will bring you to the escape room and explain how the rules work. If you have any questions, you can ask the game guide.

Thirdly, the participants of the game will watch a video. The video will explain what your mission is and what you will be part of. It’ll explain what your objective is and why there is only 60 minutes to complete that objective.

Fourthly, you’ll start the game. This is when you and your team will have to communicate with one another and look for patterns. The goal of the game is to find solutions to problems, which involves searching the room thoroughly.

Finally, you can expect to be given clues if you request them. Sometimes these clues will provide you with an obvious solution. Other times, you may still find it challenging to solve a certain problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are You Locked In An Escape Room?
    No, you’re not physically locked in the room. Escape rooms are not designed to trap you in for real. If you need to step out due to the game becoming too intense, then simply step out. You can always let the guide know you or someone in your group wants to call it quits or needs a break.
  2. What If Participants Don’t Escape In Time?
    You lose the game, but that is completely fine. Many people love escape rooms because of how challenging they are, and many people don’t escape on their very first time going to one. Here’s a tip: don’t have the expectation you’re going to escape. Just go in wanting to have fun.
  3. How Do Your Escape From An Escape Room?
    Escaping is easy because the room is littered with puzzles and clues. You have to search for these clues and try to solve puzzles, as well as unlock locks and things of that nature. After you solve one problem, you’ll be given another and another until you have solved all of them.
  4. Are Escape Rooms Difficult To Escape?
    Some people find them easy, while others find them very challenging. There are escape rooms designed for beginners, as well as rooms designed for those who have plenty of experience with escape rooms. The only way to find out how difficult an escape room game is, is by trying one out for yourself.

Reserving An Escape Room

When you decide to go for an escape room experience, you’ll have to book ahead of time.

Please contact us here or phone 07 5661 0565 or click the “Book Now” button in the top right hand corner above.

If you’re not sure which themed room you should do., we can advise you. Then you just have to show up. It’s as easy as that!

Are you looking for something unique to do or do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to do a fun activity with your friends and/or bring your co-workers to a place that can help encourage teamwork? If so, then book one of our escape rooms today.