Things to Know Before Entering An Room Escape Room

If you have never had the chance to take on the thrills and challenges of a game room you will need a little introduction to improve your chances of success in your first foray. Also known as puzzle rooms or exit games, the escape room consists of a variety of puzzles, tasks and clues that must be decoded and solved to allow the participants to accomplish a specific goal.

What You Need To Know

Most often the goal is to escape the confines of a room, but could also include rescuing a “prisoner”, discovering hidden treasure or beating a mastermind at their own game. But before you begin, here are a few tips that can improve your chances of successfully navigating and solving your first escape room.

1. Escape is Possible… But it’s pretty difficult.

Even though these games appear fun and are full of excitement they are also a considerable challenge. While it is possible to escape, don’t count on successfully escaping the labyrinth. You will find the fun is the same and most escape rooms do offer prizes along the way and medals for participation.

2. Choose your Team Carefully

The success or failure of your escape room adventure will be largely dependent on the caliber of your team. Try to select a team of professionals with a varied array of talents, skill and problem-solving skills. A great line up would include a programmer, an engineer, a sales person, a writer and a doctor (if possible). A group of colleagues all in the same line of work would not have the same all-encompassing perspective a more varied team would enjoy.

3. Dress the Part

An escape room is a tactile and interactive environment. There will be plenty of action jumping, dashing, collecting, crawling, and more. You will want to wear your most comfortable adventuring outfit with comfortable shoes.

4. Pre-Game Planning

Now that you know what is happening, have your outfit prepared and a team selected, you will want to gather and meet the team. It is far better to do this before the game begins and the clock starts to countdown. Most often, the best idea is to play with a team you know well, but there is always a chance that your team will include some newcomers as well, especially if you are playing in a public time slot. The best meetings will be held right before the games begin and enhanced with caffeine and snacks. Save the drinking for after you escape.

5. Dive in

Once you enter the game, start moving fast! There are all kinds of things to see and do in the escape room and you should try them all. Pick up whatever you can find and carry it with you. If you see things that look unusual and interesting, take a few minutes to fully explore their function. The secret that unlocks the next door is sure to be hidden around here somewhere so everyone should be looking.

6. Not a One Man Show

That one guy who wants to be the center of attention and “win” the game all by himself, is likely to spoil the fun and possibly sink the team. Make sure everyone is involved with puzzles, once one person has had a chance to figure out a particular puzzle, allow another person with a fresh perspective a go.

7. Collecting Inventory

There will be all kinds of things to collect and carry along as they may prove useful at any moment. But it is essential that these items are not just slipped into a pocket and forgotten. The worst way to lose is when you forgot you had the key in your pocket. Always shout out what you find and try to keep interesting items on hand the whole time.

8. Don’t engage BEAST mode

Yes, it would probably be easier to kick doors down and bust your way from room to room when it comes to making your escape. But escape rooms are for following a game that also represents plenty of hard work and time on the part of the designers. So have a little respect for the dynamics of the game and play fair.

9. Don’t Be Shy

Your input is just as valuable as anyone else’s so don’t be shy to speak up and make your voice heard. This doesn’t mean shout above everyone else, unless everyone else is. These are highly energetic and exciting games so don’t be afraid to spitball your opinions and ideas, you could be on to something.

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