Are Rage Rooms Healthy?

Do you ever come home from work and just feel your temper rising? Do you wish you could break something, anything at all? Are your fists clenched and your breathing erratic? Chances are, you’re angry due to circumstances at work or at home beyond your control. Though yelling and smashing your proudly displayed collectibles may seem like an adult temper tantrum, the fact is that it’s more than that.

Stress can really make pent up frustrations worse and will wreak havoc on your mental health. A new rising trend is paying a nominal fee and visiting a smash room. Sometimes called rage rooms, these facilities are created as a safe zone where you can destroy to your heart’s content without fear of repercussions for your actions. Most items found in these rooms are already obsolete and in line for the recycling bin, which is why you don’t need to hold back!

How Do Rage Rooms Work?

First and foremost, you will get assigned a room or a space where you can freely smash any number of objects available. For safety reasons, you will not only need to sign a waiver but wear protective clothing and accessories as well. After the initial setup, you will have access to the room for a certain amount of time.

Smash Rooms & Your Mental Health

Destroying things may seem like a dream come true, but does it actually yield any mental health benefits? Are there actual scientifically proven advantages to letting go sometimes? Let’s explore this topic a bit further!

Rage rooms are as successful as they are in our modern world because of stress. The weight of the world is literally on your shoulders all day every day. When you have to contend with a nagging spouse, misbehaving children, and a tough day at work, the pressure builds and becomes unbearable. Letting stress impact your mental health also means you have a short fuse when dealing with people. The things that may not normally upset you may make you act out of character.

The concept behind smash rooms is pretty simple: you can let your frustrations and stress bubble to the surface and break things to let it out. It’s important to avoid suppressing dark emotions such as anger, fear or hatred because they can lead to a serious mental health imbalance. Of course, some people aren’t tied to their negative emotions through one-time events. Some people have a short temper and are easily angered by seemingly mundane occurrences, but breaking things they worked hard for is absolutely out of the question. Anger rooms are a perfect form of anger management for people that find it hard to hold themselves back and simply don’t wish to stick around and see the damage caused by their problems.

Even if you aren’t easily angered, rage rooms offer a quick adrenaline rush and a new experience. Sometimes, taking a break from your tried and true daily routine can help you see yourself in a new light. Most importantly, these spaces are completely free from judgment and you can let yourself feel what you really want. Instead of thinking about what’s proper, you can let everything out and walk away a better version of yourself.

Though many view anger rooms as a place to go alone, it is actually a great form of couple’s therapy. If you and your partner are facing difficulties or your friend is mad at you, these rooms promise a bonding session unlike any other! You have the ability to put your emotions on display while taking out your genuine anger on the objects surrounding you. Sometimes, rage is the rawest form of emotion and the one that people connect with the easiest.

Lastly, anger can make you act irresponsibly and cause irreversible damage that you will come to regret. Don’t let your anger cloud your clear thinking and force you into a corner you can’t get out of. Purchasing a session in an anger room will provide you with immediate emotional relief and gratification when you can finally come to terms with what you’re feeling.

Rage rooms do offer mental health benefits because they allow you to prevent your harmful thoughts and emotions from progressing into something deeper. These hidden spaces are a safe zone that allow you to understand the extent of your feelings and come to terms with the reality of your situation.

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