Are escape rooms scary or frightening?

Short answer: Sometimes. It depends on the room and who is attending. 

Long answer: Horror Escape Rooms are the “fun” kind of scary. In fact, our most recent experience of a customer being too scared was a young child who was afraid of getting locked in Jilted! Our team helped settle her down and we left the door open (just ajar) so she knew she could leave at any time and wasn’t locked in (In the end, her team solved the room with time to spare.)

Sometimes people are surprised by the props in a scary escape room (our Blood room has plenty of fake limbs), but as long as you have a conversation with your GM (Game Master) about what to expect, you’re sure to have a great time.

Personally, before doing an escape room, I like to ask about what kind of puzzles there are, and in the case of horror or scary themed escape room, I ask if there are any actors (during my first ever escape room experience, I nearly passed out with fear when I realized there was a man standing in the middle of the room in a scary clown mask!).

Five things to ask about when doing an escape room:

– Are there any actors

– What makes the room scary?

– Are there any jumpscares?

– What happens in the end if we run out of time? 

– How much time do we have?

With all of this said, remember you’re doing an escape room to have a great time! If you have young ones with you or if you personally scare easily (like I do), then you can ask the GM some questions, but don’t ask too much, leave it as a surprise if you can. 

At Epic Escape we have two rooms operating at the moment. These are called Blood and Jilted. As you can imagine, Blood sounds a bit scary and might only be suitable for teens and adults, whereas Jilted is a mystery room that is great for the whole family.